Frozen Apple

My wife owns an Apple. She owns several; only one currently functions. She loves her Macs, except for three things.

  1. The magnetic connection to the power supply. That thing is always falling out. She tapes it into place.
  2. The freaking battery. Can’t be replaced, you know. Once that dies, buy a new Mac.
  3. The computer freezes. When it does, only a hard reboot fixes it.

But she’s loyal to the brand. She always buys Apples.

Of course, she is a stockholder.

3 thoughts on “Frozen Apple

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  1. I own a couple of Apple products as well. My Mac hasn’t given me problems, come to think of it neither does my phone. My iPad recently had an update, now the IOS update doesn’t let me cast SlingTV from my iPad….okay maybe I do have some problems, lol.

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    1. Oh, my wife doesn’t like updating her Macs because things are then changed and sometimes stop working. I know many Apple owners who never have the issues that my wife reports. I’m not saying it’s her, though. No, I’m not.

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