Wednesday’s Theme Music

“Bang!” by AJR came out earlier this year, and probably peaked before the coronavirus pandemic. It seems like a good song for 2020. Each day, things appear a little worse for many. People have become leery of the expression, “It can’t get any worse.” That seems like a personal challenge being issued to the fates. Like, there’s the pandemic. Hurricanes. Wildfires. Ongoing wars. Murder hornets. Now an asteroid is going to make a flyby that’s closer than some weather satellites, as it passes within 17,000 miles. Nothing is expected to come of the asteroid…but this is 2020.

At one point, when you’re down and it looks like more shit is going to happen, you say, “Fuck it. Let’s go out with a bang.” Make it memorable, you know? Go down without giving up. That’s what this song is all about in my head.

Bang, bang, bang.

P.S. Does anyone else despise the WP changes? Damn, are they aggravating.

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