Sunday’s Theme Music

Today’s theme music is another throwback that popped into the morning’s music stream.

Born in the USA was a huge hit album for Bruce Springsteen. Released in 1984 when we were stationed on Okinawa, in Japan, it was the first CD that we bought after buying a CD player and then searching for something to play on it. Seems like a lifetime ago. Was, when you think about the years, what’s that, 2019 minus 2084? Yeah, do the math.

I enjoyed every song on that album but the one my mind chose to stream today is “Cover Me”. “The whole world is out there, just trying to score. I’ve seen enough, don’t want to see any more, cover me. Wrap your arms around me, cover me.”

We saw Bruce perform “Cover Me” during his Tunnel of Love tour in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1988. Good show.

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