The Effect

Sometimes, there’s an effect. You notice it but you’re not sure how to categorize it.

For example, after purchasing my coffee, I settled in at a table to write. A woman occupied the next table. From the very beginning, she emanated a dark and heavy presence. At least, that’s how I felt it. Both uncomfortable and distracting, I was pleased when a friend joined her after ten minutes and they moved to another table on the other side of the shop. The area immediately felt lightened, relieved.

Weird, too, but it seemed like the muses didn’t want to come while she was at the next table. Is it possible for someone to literally repel the muses?

Of course, all of this could be my imagination, or it could’ve been her energy’s reaction against my energy. She had backpacks, too, so maybe something in her backs was the actual source. Whichever it is, I’m pleased that she relocated. Maybe she resented me sitting next to her, and I felt it. Maybe it was my energy that encouraged her to relocate.

Got my coffee. Time to write like crazy, at least one more time.

3 thoughts on “The Effect

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  1. Coulda tested that theory by movng closer or being the bigger man and being the one that moved.
    But no matter, I’ve had situations similar where I could almost “cut” the bad vibes.

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    1. I had considered moving before she moved. TBH, I’d set up, got my coffee, went back to the table, went back, got water, returned, and then her friend arrived. It was at that point that she moved as I was mulling it over. Part of that was just putting my finger on the bad vibes. Just seemed so weird.


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