The Letters Dream

I laughed in the dream at this dream because I felt an immediate understanding and it was funny to me.

The setting was very vague. Others were there and I engaged with them, but all of them were outside of the dream cam’s view. Sometimes I was outside on a green hill; other times, I was indoors. The indoors settings varied from being a restaurant, coffee shop, and office.

I was doing two primary things in the dream. One, words would come up, and I was putting them into order. I thought at first that they should be alphabetized, but then I thought that they should be ordered by association. In parallel to this, I was playing a computer game called “Word Whomp”. Seven letters are provided and you make words out of them while the clock is ticking. So I was making words on the computer game and ordering words off to the other side. Then I began taking the words that I was supposed to be ordering and started putting them into the game. The words were accepted, even though they weren’t made of the letters provided. Throughout this, I was talking with people off-stage.

It was at this point in the dream that I paused to wonder about what was going on. My first thought was, why am I organizing words like this? Hasn’t this already been done in items like dictionaries? Then I pondered why the game was letting me put in words that didn’t have the letters.

That’s when I laughed in the dream. I thought it was about the writing process and angst. And though I laughed and knew I was playing the game right and doing things the way they’re not supposed to be done, I kept going and had myself a fun time.

Three words remained in my memory from the dream: lacing, facing, and gracing.


3 thoughts on “The Letters Dream

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  1. I’ve been dreaming about words and organizing things lately too, mostly because I’m working 7 days a week right now–it’s all my mind can cope with! I can’t wait to get back to normal serial killer/out of control elevator dreams:-)

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    1. Seven days a week – I don’t miss those days. Well, a little bit of me, does, perhaps an amount that totals my right hand, the wrist, and arm up to my elbow. Hope you return to your regularly scheduled dreams soon. Cheers

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