An Hour


The temperature was thirty-five F.

Dazzling sunshine streamed in through the windows.

Plans were made.


Thick, glistening snowflakes tumbled down. Gaining momentum and volume, they soon curtained the landscape and smothered the ground.


It looked like a blizzard.

Plans were re-arranged.


Snow no longer fell.

Dripping sounds from melting snow filled the air.


Little snow covered the ground. Some still covered roofs.

Light gray clouds swarmed across the sky. Sunshine splashed through.

The temperature was thirty-five F.

Plans were re-arranged.



4 thoughts on “An Hour

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    1. Forty degree change – wow!

      When I was in sixth grade, my wonderful teacher often showed short films of time-elapsed photography and sped-up films to show things. One that I remember was a day of weather on the prairie as backdrop to the farm’s work. Fascinating to see the clouds develop and come together from almost nothing, darken, flash with lightning, pour rain, and then break up and move on.

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