Confession #47,236

I confess, I don’t often watch television commercials. I find them insipid. It’s a longtime stance. With that stance, I’ve trained my mind to mute the television, just tune the commercial out, turn the channel, or leave.

Do you hear a but coming? Good hearing. Do you use hearing aids? No? Just wondering.

But, a recent Apple iPhone commercial engaged me. One, it was different. Two, it had lots of moving colors (pretty, so pretty). Three, it had an interesting but unfamiliar song.

If you haven’t seen or hear it, here is Cosmos Sheldrake with part of his song, “Come Along”. Sing along.

Come along catch a Heffalump,
Sit with me on a muddy clump,
We’ll sing a song of days gone by.
Run along now don’t be glum,
Get you gone now have some fun,
Don’t be long for the end is nigh.
Don’t let moments pass along and waste before your eyes,
March with me and the borogoves,
Come with me and the slithy toves,
And never ask us why.
Come come come come come along now,
Run away from the hum-drum,
We’ll go to a place that is safe from
greed, anger and boredom.
We’ll dance and sing till sundown,
and feast with abandon,
We’ll sleep when the morning comes,
and we’ll rise by the sound of the birdsongs.
We’ll be here when the world slows down,
and the sunbeams fade away,
Keeping time by a pendulum as the fabric starts to fray.



6 thoughts on “Confession #47,236

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  1. Hahaha sick. I haven’t actually watched tv or read any news article in almost a year. I just.. I dunno. I have basically stopped caring about keeping up with any media, except what I hear from others. And since August, WordPress.

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  2. I find that the use of ‘classic rock’ songs to sell products bothers me. I guess because I am in the target age of what these advertisements are selling. While I don’t need these products, it still is irritating. One example: Ozempic and ELO’s It’s Magic.
    There are others.

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    1. It bothers me, too. Part of the rock story, to me, was that they were counter-culture, making a statement, battling the authorities while pursuing freedom to be who they want. When their music is then used to support all the things I thought they stood against, I’m dismayed by the cynicism and disappointment. It makes me that much more jaded.


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