Is it just me, or does anyone else want to strangle those people who proudly announce that they don’t vote, and have never voted?

Yeah, it’s probably just me.


4 thoughts on “Voting

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  1. Even worse, in my opinion, are those who brag about “joke” voting: “I always write in my mom’s name, even though she died twenty years ago. Either that or I write in Mickey Mouse.” I can think of valid personal reasons for not voting at all (for example, if one is threatened with serious bodily harm if one even dares to leave one’s home on election day), but I can’t think of any valid reason for treating the whole process as a joke.

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  2. These people have no right to complain when an “undesirable” gets voted in. . .and they’re stuck with him/her until the next election! And they definitely shouldn’t have bragging rights because they didn’t take a few minutes at the Poll. . . .

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