An Opposite Day

I’m right-handed. I’ve established a routine of doing physical activities with the opposite hand.  I was initially just checking it out to see how well I could do things with my left hand.

I started with the usual stuff of signing my name, throwing and catching a ball, and eating. Then it became a challenge in motor dexterity and balance. As I’ve aged, I’m staggered to see how my habits and routines had trained and limited my body and its movement. Because of that, I expanded my opposite routines to shaving, dressing, and brushing my teeth. It surprised me how hard it was to dress doing things as though I’m left-handed. Putting on my boxer shorts was especially challenge.

Today I added one that I’ve never done before: I reversed how I wear my belt. Let me tell you, thinking through how to put the belt through the loops was funny as hell because it wasn’t easy.

What about you? Do you ever practice doing things with the opposite hand?


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  1. I use both hands–my Grandpa and my Dad did this too so I think it’s hereditary. It’s especially neat-o when I play tennis with my right hand and then suddenly switch to my left, hoping to confuse my opponent. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work to my advantage 🙂

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    1. Ambidextrous! When we learned cursive writing in elementary school, I had a classmate who was ambidextrous. He wrote with either hand equally well. I thought, if HE COULD DO IT, SO COULD I. And I’m still trying.

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  2. I am left-handed (although I golf right-handed, albeit only so-so), but I attempt things purposefully with my right hand. It certainly gives a different perspective on things. That’s just one of the many tips from Chris Rodell’s “Use All the Colors.” ~nan

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    1. Yes, it does give new perspectives, doesn’t it? I started feeling more for left-handed people as I increased my activities.

      Yes, it’s one of many great tips and insights in Chris’ book. Cheers!


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