Heard On the Radio, Read on the Net

A radio announcer said she’d read a survey of millennials between twenty-one and thirty-seven years old. The results said that fifty-three percent of them expected to be millionaires and the average millennial expected to retire by age fifty-six.

I read today that millennials are the worse tippers. Ten percent of them don’t tip at all when they eat out. Their average gratuity is fifteen percent.

Guess they’re saving up to be millionaires.

2 thoughts on “Heard On the Radio, Read on the Net

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  1. “Liking” to indicate support of/agreement with the blogger, not to indicate approval of the behavior described…

    Isn’t becoming a millionaire just because ‘I want to, so you have to let me’ the ultimate participation trophy? It’s not really an age thing, though. It’s a cultural/social thing. We’re seeing a lot more of it in this particular age group, but it’s not being in this age group that makes so many of ’em so [expletive deleted] inconsiderate and self-centered.

    (I suspect the percentage of millennials who don’t tip is a lot higher than ten percent; those are just the ones who’ll admit to it when asked in a survey.)

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