Friday’s Theme Music

Hope the day finds you well.

I saw a spotlight show on the Eagles at Camelot Theater last night. A local band, East Main Band, played the Eagles hits while the Eagles story and anecdotes were related to the audience.

I wasn’t originally a big fan of the Eagles musical group. Their early music were too mellow and country-oriented. I admired their harmonies, and they had memorable lyrics about relationships and living, but they didn’t do much for me. That didn’t stop me from hearing them on AM and FM radio, or at parties, and learning their songs. Eventually, the Eagles acquired a harder sound that appealed to me more. That’s when I actually acquired the music. Their shift culminated in their hyper-hit album, Hotel California. 

The song that hung in my stream from last night was “James Dean”. This was my favorite Eagles song from their first four albums. So here we go, with the departed Glenn Frey on rhythm guitar and lead vocals. Happy Friday.



4 thoughts on “Friday’s Theme Music

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    1. That is uncanny. A friend with me last night is ten years younger and lived in SoCal in the early seventies. He used almost the same words about The Long Run and King of Hollywood. He said The Long Run was almost like an anthem to him.

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      1. It’s funny how much I loved it as a teen, but I just looked at the lyrics today and all I could think of was Harvey Weinstein. Just a little ewww, even though it’s still a great song!

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