Without A Net

I was without a net last night. For about two and a half hours (nine twenty to eleven fifty), I couldn’t jump on the net to look up information, check on the Zuckerberg Machine (trademarked by J.R. Handley), or find the weather. More, I don’t have cable or satellite T.V. All my television is either O.T.A. or streaming. Without the net, streaming wasn’t available.

To the O.T.A.! That was an interesting experience. Infomercials, religious information centering around Jesus Christ, and old movies and television series saturate commercial airwaves that I can receive (about twenty). Circling through them, I found an episode of the original Star Trek series. It was “The Enterprise Incident”, and involved the Romulans.

The Roumlan commander was a female. I didn’t recall seeing the episode before, but I expected her and Kirk to start a romance. That’s how it used to go, wasn’t it? I was surprised that it was Spock who became intimate with her.

The opening credits said the episode was written by D.C. Fontana. Chances are, if you watched a popular television series between 1960 and 1999, you probably know her work. More important to Star Trek, I recalled that Fontana is credited as a strong early influence on fleshing out the Vulcan culture. A clever writer, she’d probably already seen the trend toward Kirk romancing women and had deliberately thrown this twist. I’m just guessing.

It was fun throwback viewing. The ST franchise has come a long way from those early Romulan costumes.


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  1. I loved Star Trek so much as a kid of 10 to 12. My mother would say to me that it was far-fetched and silly to watch. When it appeared again in movies, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager, I remained a faithful fan. Now that it is once again a thriving franchise, I think my mom would have to admit that she was not in the majority with her evaluation.

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  2. I am better able to live without the net, than my children are. We don’t have cable here, but rely solely on what netflix, amazon, youtube or video offers.
    Sure it’ll be tough going for a while, but I can survive the loss.
    Of course, I hope it never goes out… you know… for the kids. ***and the wife*** – Whatever would they do without it? How would they survive? hahahaha

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