2017 List of Grievances

Well, another season of Festivus has come and gone. I compiled a top ten list of my grievances. Many more grievances were out there, but this is what I aired to my friends and family.

Some of these reflect inside jokes. Just go with it.

Seidel’s Grievances 2017

TEN – Too many wildfires, not enough snow.

NINE – Too early for David Bowie, Tom Petty, and so many, many others.

EIGHT – Growing old sucks, but the alternatives suck, too. See number nine.

SEVEN – Injustice, harassment, and inequality all suck, and there was too much of it in 2017.

SIX – WAR – what is it good for?

FIVE – The next season of Game of Thrones is taking FOREVER.

FOUR – I forgot to get up when I peed last night.

THREE – My cats are smarter than anyone in the WH, have more empathy, and better manners.

TWO – Animal and child abusers deserve a special hell. So do trophy hunters.

ONE – All my beer and wine keep turning to urine.

And, as a special note, its limitations make WordPress exhausting to use sometimes.

I think, after reflecting on the list, that 2017 sucked for a lot of us. That could be its theme. So if we have a ball to see off 2017, the theme of the ball should be 2017 Sucked. Don’t know what that decor would resemble. Honestly don’t want to contemplate it too much, either.

By the way, I didn’t forget to get up when I peed last night. Just wanted to see if you were paying attention.


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