Fitbit Dip

Yeah, last week, I dipped. Fell to my third lowest miles total, forty.

I knew it would be a down week. Let me post the reasons:

  1. Cold and rainy, and I was being wimpy.
  2. Hurt my left ankle, and I was feeling gimpy.
  3. Was a little weary of the routine, it’d became a stale scene.
  4. And was looking for a change, and treating my life with disdain.

It’s all part of the funk of life, you know?

This week isn’t greatly better. I’m averaging a little over six miles a day, so I’ll be at least forty-two miles, maybe forty-three, but I’m not making a strong effort.

Flip this thing over, though, and the reduced effort to walk was put into writing. I like that. My life is a zero-sum game. Whenever effort is removed from one place, it’s put into another. Last night, I was thinking, I need to read more….

Time to adjust the balances anon.


2 thoughts on “Fitbit Dip

Add yours

    1. Yes, but I like your attitude. You take those big bites. I nibble. I focus on the day and tell myself, just get to five miles. When I get there, I urge myself, come on, just one more. I don’t even consider trying to do forty, forty-two, or a hundred. Those numbers overwhelms me.


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