Gingersaurus Mew

Gingersaurus Mew (Catfinition): A very large ginger cat.

In Use: At twenty-two and nineteen pounds respectively, Pogo (left), and his little buddy, Scheckter, were considered gingersaurus mews.



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  1. Pogo there looks a lot like Jeanie’s cat Yoda (son of Turtle and Buddy, and brother of Tigger), who was about 19 pounds. He was a pixie-bob. Yoda’s half-brother Mellencamp (“‘Cause he’s kinda cougar-colored, right?” I asked Jeanie and Claudia, and Bea, their mother, said, “I don’t get it.”) was a bit smaller and with barely-visible stripes.

    A couple of my twin’s friends recently became “cat grandparents” for the first time (their cat Arwen had kittens), and two of the babies are ginger toms… named Fred and George, of course. Given how big their momma is, those two are going to be Gingersaurus Mews when they grow up.

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    1. Yes, Pogo always had a bob look to him, and was an amazing hunter. Love the reasoning for the Mellencamp name. I always enjoy Gingersaurus Mews; they have personality plus. Thanks for the comments; I enjoyed them. Cheers

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