Today’s Theme Music

Today’s music is dedicated to my muse, or muses. I’m not sure if I have one, or a madhouse, within me. And on that subject, shouldn’t a muse be external to me? Perhaps my problem is that the inner voices that j’accuse of being the muse(s) are not muses. Let’s not speculate on what they might be, if the voices don’t belong to the muse(s).

(I know that if I’m writing voice as plural – voices – I’m implying there are multiple voices. There are. But I can’t rule out that the voices aren’t from one source, pretending to be many voices. See the problem? I could have a muse like Robin Williams or Jonathan Winters doing multiple voices in my head.

Returning to the song, here is Pat Benatar with “Heartbreaker,” from nineteen seventy-nine.


Today’s Theme Music

Going with a simple, memorable song today, “Imagine,” by John Lennon. As a fiction writer, I enjoy imagining characters, settings, places, et cetera, along with a better existence for all of us.

Hope you’re familiar with the song. If not, listen and hear something new. Being sentimental, I decided to go with Chris Cornell‘s acoustic version, recording in twenty fifteen. His suicide this year was something I never imagined.


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