Today’s Theme Music

This song came out in two thousand three. I was working for ISS, managing BlackICE consumer sales and support. We were located in the Bay Bank building on the eleventh floor in San Mateo.

I often played music in my office, but my team couldn’t do the same. They worked in a pit, our reference to the square of cubicles they shared. Each cubicle’s back was open to the middle, so the leads could walk around, talk and help. I didn’t like the arrangement, but the team had come up with it, so *shrug*, I lived with their choice.

But their choice meant no music for them, unless they were on headphones while troubleshooting an issue. So my music often drifted to them. When I first began hearing this song, “Bring Me To Life,” by Evanescence, I was taken by it. It was different than most rock on the air in two thousand three. I wanted to hear more of it to understand who it was, and what they were singing.

The Level Three Lead heard it playing and came in to talk about it. Blue-haired with a green beard and multiple piercings, he was border-goth. He loved this song, but as we talked, the rest of the team drifted over to express their disenchantment of it. Of the twelve people there, only he and I liked it.

Well, I hope you like it. I admit, again, this is another video that I’d never seen until today. I never got into the habit of watching music videos; I just listened to the tunes.


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