Today’s Theme Song


This is a song about relationships, but those who write, work, or do other things can relate these words: “The more you suffer, the more it shows you really care.”

The song, “Self-Esteem,” by the Offspring, came out about year before my retirement from the Air Force. I used to quote that lyric to peers complaining about the military. They didn’t find it as amusing as I did.

I enjoyed all of the lyrics to the song. The song begins, “I wrote her off for the tenth time today, and practiced all the things I would say. But she came over. I lost my nerve. I took her back, and made her dessert.”

I enjoy how lyrics like that capture the angst of being in a relationship, resolving to change dynamics, and then lacking the will to make the desired change.

I see that in writing, too, people making plans and resolutions to write and publish more, to work harder, and then…losing their nerve, or in my case, succumbing to doubt.

Here it is, from nineteen ninety-four, the Offspring with “Self-Esteem.”



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