Today’s Theme Music

So many questions are circulating now about last year’s presidential election in the U.S., and Russia’s role in Trump’s surprising election. Information keeps leaking out about Trump insiders lying about when they met with Russians, or if. Donald keeps insisting that it’s all fake news being leaked and then contradicts himself and vows to find and prosecute the leakers.

What’s going on? We need to find out. We might need to follow Ozzy Osbourne’s advice:

“Who can we get on this case?
“We need Perry Mason.
“Someone to put you in place.
“Calling Perry Mason.”

I remember listening to this song after retiring from the U.S. Air Force in nineteen ninety-five. We’d just moved from military housing on Moffett to a little duplex in Mountain View. The web and Internet were penetrating homes and businesses as the online potential became exposed. We were in the middle of the dot com bubble. Start-ups were abounding, and the Bay Area housing market was heating up. “Seinfeld” was the hot television show.

I was unemployed but retired while my wife worked for an advertising agency on Castro Street in Mountain View. Every open house for rentals had dozens of applicants. We managed to find one that was going to be listed. The elderly couple who owned it were cleaning it. We talked to them. They told us to come back for the showing at the scheduled time. We drove away but returned, and offered them a higher rent and deposit. They were still cleaning; we told them we’d take it as is, and finish the cleaning. They agreed. We moved ourselves with assistance from Starving Students. A month later, I began working for a medical device start-up. We lived there for four years, until we bought a house in Half Moon Bay.

Here it is, from nineteen ninety-five, Ozzy with “Perry Mason.”





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