From the Human word cat and -logia, study of, we have catmology.

Catmology was originally the study of cats. However, in more recent popular culture, catmology has come to be accepted as the theory that the universe is cat-centric.

Evidence of this developing trend is on display in the world wide web and Internet. Cat rescues, cat love, photos of cats being cats, seem to be at the forefront, fighting with ‘real news’, such as the Superbowl, lessor sports information like baseball, cricket and football scores, fashion trends or if the POTUS knows how to read, to dominate our interests.

It certainly seems plausible that cats started the Big Bang. Something was sitting there and along came a cat. “Hey,” said the cat, “what’ll happen if I knock this over?” So they did. Bang. Then they probably rolled around in it a bit.

Some will point out inconsistencies in this theory. How can cats be there when there was nothing else except hot, dense matter? Catmologists will admit, they don’t know, but will counter, it’s quite possible that a cat managed it somehow. Cats have long defied every other law of special and normal physics. If any creature can tear or slip through the space-time fabric, it’s probably a cat. In a personal aside, I believe it was a ginger cat. They’re always getting into trouble.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to someday learn that physicists changed the string theory to the fur theory. Cat fur seems to be everywhere. Revealing it as the most fundamental aspect of our reality seems like a no-brainer.



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