Catstidious is the term catologists use to express cats who are delicate about their eating habits and intense about grooming.

With eating habits, they prefer clean bowls and a clean area, not deigning to touch something offered if the bowl isn’t perfectly cleaned first. When offered a presentation not up to their standards, they’ll stare at it for a long while. Drooping whiskers, a tail lowered to half-staff, and dull eyes will aptly communicate the severe letdown they’re experiencing. It’s not just the food, but that you, you have failed to meet their standards. With that established, they turn and hurry away from the offending offering.

Quinn of the Black Paws is a master at this.

Castidious is also applied to their intensive, extensive grooming. Sometimes they provide it to themselves, but often, castidious felines will include other animals, like humans. One cat, Jade, never believed anyone touching her was clean enough. It was great fun to touch a spot where she’d just washed because she’d immediately turn her pink tongue back on that spot in a furious attempt to fix what you just did by, gad, touching her.

She also groomed our faces. It was cute to us…at first. However, we would say, “Okay, that’s enough,” and she would take us firmly with a genclaw and hold us in place. “It’s enough when I say it’s enough,” she communicated to us.



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