Getting imprisoned with premeditation by a cat (or several) in a chair or a bed is called encatment. This sometimes necessitates a felinectomy to answer the phone, use the restroom or relieve numb body parts.

Owners know when they’re being encatted. They have habits that the cats like, like settling in a recliner, sofa bed or chair to watch television or read. The cats know that you’re a wonderfully warm, comfortable place to snooze in that situation, and that you won’t make noises or move. They do know that’s not completely true. Sneezes will arise, along with itches that need scratched. Then there’s the damn phone. Also, you might fall asleep, and some of those snoring noises that you emit sound like trolls on the hunt.

Those are the risks to encatment. They know it and accept it. It’s not unusual for you to discover that as soon as you’ve made your move to settle down in such a manner, a cat is there. Sometimes they barely wait for you to sit. That’s partly because they know other cats (or people) could well try to move in there first.

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