Episode Number Twenty

Martin was in a glorious mood. Winter seemed to have finally left the area. Sunshine ruled. Unlimited blue sky. The air smelled different. Fresher. Cleaner.

He liked how things were going. Thick described him – legs, chest – which was also deep – arms, neck. Everyone thought of him as a bear without the violence, a slumbering bear, his first ex described him in college. Other than hair drawing back from his forehead and a thick mustache and goatee, he looked much like the man he was forty years before.

His house was finished. He’d moved in and it was beginning to feel like home. Lot couldn’t be replaced from the loss, but life, you know? Heard from daughter. She and her children were safe, great news. Cherry on dessert was his night of passion. Been a long time since one of those.

Seeing his fornicating partner coming toward him launched a big grin. She hugged him. “Hello, how are you, Martin?”

“Hey Cindy, long time, no see.” A joke. He leaned in and planted a big wet one.

Cindy snapped back. “Whoa, Martin, what the hell? We’re old friends but that was a little over the top.” She was wiping her mouth. “No offense, but I’m not interested.”

Martin stepped back and drew up, looming over her by a foot. “Hold up. We did the nasty three times last night and this morning. The last one was just over five hours ago, and a little kiss upsets you? Seriously, really? I guess I read too much into it. Forgive me.”

She was staring. “Did the nasty? In what reality did we do the nasty?”

Pieces acquired new meanings. Fresh air. How it smelled. Sunshine. His safe daughter. “Damn.”

He was in a different reality. Episode number twenty. Real mystery was when it happened. Why, of course. “Sorry, Cindy. My sincere apologies.”

“That’s okay. I forgive you.”

“Will you indulge me and tell me, who is President?”

“President?” Cindy laughed. “Man, you are in another world.”

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