A Flood Dream

A short dream, but with impact. Boxes of food were being handed out. Large boxes but not of a uniform size. Mostly brown. Although the boxes didn’t have lids, I don’t know what food was inside them.

Like others, I hurried to get a box of food. That required me to go onto a cement portico surrounded by shadowy white colonnades. The boxes were happily given out and equally happily received. After getting one box, it was suggested that I go back and try to get another one. When I went back, the person giving them out recognized me. He said, “I wouldn’t be going for these boxes, I’d be going for something to survive the flood.”

I didn’t know what flood he talked about. I accepted the box and returned to the others, puzzling over what he’d said. I told them. We debated what he meant, and how the boxes might be different, if they’re for a flood. I decided that I’d get boxes to survive a flood, just be on the safe side and went back to the issuing area. Dark brown flood waters were already to my knees at that point. No more boxes were being handed out. The people giving them out were gone.

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  1. Oddly enough I have nightmarish dreams quite often. After I read your piece I considered the dream I last woke from. Helping to prepare a household for first flood then a large accumulation of show. They had space in their garage so everything that wasn’t nailed down in their yard – other neighbors and myself were jamming in it. I tried to organized or at least puzzle piece things against the walls to make room for new items. But it got a bit weird with things that shouldn’t have been in a yard to begin with. Like floor lamps and interior furniture and fancy tables full of knickknacks.

    I believe I had some revisited with the current news saying our winter was going to be very cold this year. As well as the recent flooding that we had. A neighbor whose shed is close to a water source told us he had emptied his shed because the water had gotten only about ten feet from the shed and he thought the land might collapse. With all the rain we had before Ida, plus Ida’s 7″ and the 3″ about a week later the ground is saturated.

    Be well and stay safe. I’ve had one to many psychology courses to put to much stock in dreams as predictions. Or that they should have any real value other than rearranging what we haven’t been able to cope with while awake.

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    1. I can understand how that situation might flood your dreams. I’m fortunate that I don’t often experience nightmares. Just bizarre explanations by one brain’s half to the other about WTH might be wrong with me. Or something. Thanks for sharing. Be well, stay safe, and stay positive. It’s all a challenge, isn’t it? Cheers

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      1. I would guess that nothing is really ‘wrong’ – expression of thought, disjointed by dreams – sometimes seem so vivid that we try to interpret meaning where there is none.

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