The Movie Role Dream

I’d just received word in this dream that I’d been selected for a movie role. I was going to be a star!

That was exciting news. Details flooded me. The movie was a remake of a classic. I don’t know what movie, but I was going to be in the role John Wayne played.

I roared with laughter. John Wayne was a big fellow. I am not. How could I possibly play that role? Then, I thought CGI. Magic. What the hell, whateer. Not my concern. I’d been selected. Go with it.

I wanted to share my news and went to my friend, who was also going to be in the movie. I found him in a dorm where he was in the old woodlands camouflaged battle dress uniform. I found out that I was, too.  Then, the dorm wasn’t a dorm as first expected, but a tight, tight space crammed with bookcases. The bookcases created a labyrinth.

He came up to me. I said, “I understand we’re going to be in a movie together.”

“I hadn’t heard that.”

That bothered me. Other soldiers in woodland BDUs came out around him and I. I said, “I’m going to play the role that John Wayne had.”

I awaited a reaction but got nothing. I said, “It’s a starring role.”


“Um…filming is supposed to start in two weeks.”


I cleared my throat. “But first, we have to get through this.” I gestured.

“I know.”

“I wanted to let you know, though. There’s going to other roles to fill. They might come around and ask you if any of your troops are interested in a minor role.”

He nodded.

“It might be an opportunity for them.”

Sniffing, he nodded. “Right.” He turned away. I left.

End of dream.

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