Finals Week

Finals week ended on a Thursday.

We’d finished Game of Thrones last month (and I’m still going through withdrawal). June found us beginning and ending Good Omens. We also completed the second season of The OA, the final season of Sneaky Pete, the only season of Happy, and the latest available season of The Orville. The night before last, I finished The Expanse and we watched the last episode of season two of Barry. (I read that HBO has renewed it for a third season). Last night, I watched the final Bad Blood (is it over?). Tonight, we watched the final episode of The Colony. They’ve announced that it’s cancelled.

I thought Good Omens was well done. I thought Michael McKean stood out. Tennant and Sheen did the impressive jobs that I always expect of us. Good Omens certainly entertained us, especially after a Wanda Sykes comedy special, Not Normal, warmed us up for the final episode.

All that’s left now is to wait for something else to catch our interest. In the meantime, plenty of books remain to be read. First, I think I’ll play a game on the computer.

You watching anything interesting?



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  1. Fear the Walking Dead started again a couple of weeks ago. We like it, and The Walking Dead. We also watched Gotham, but now it is over, and we liked Colony too; so sad it was cancelled. And I still miss Firefly.

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