Sunday’s Theme Music

This song, “Rock Lobster” by the B-52s (1978), is a fun party song. It provides an excellent opportunity to play dead buy when Fred Schneider sings, “Down, down, down, down,” as the music winds down behind his urging. There’s also the goofy fun of trying to make the animal noises with Kate Pierson.

So relax, kick up and enjoy some humorous, upbeat rock.

7 thoughts on “Sunday’s Theme Music

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  1. “One” of my favorite B-52 songs. First time I remembered ever hearing this song was (in fact) while I was at the roller rink. There are a number of good songs from this group.
    One song that is sooo over played (I’m beginning to despise) is the song “Love Shack”… ***sigh.
    But Rock Lobster, yeah that’s a great one alright

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    1. Yes, as I started reflecting on the group, I thought of a lot of their other songs, and also their collaborations with others. I haven’t been hearing much of “Love Shack”, so I’ve not reached that point. That’s one of my spouse’s faves, so we crank it up when it comes on.


      1. That’s true. For the record, I thought I typed it as a plural (without an apostrophe, as that makes it a singular possessive, but that’s how they do it). I guess I’m destined for hell, now. Might as well live it up while I go.


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