The Superhero Dream

Dreamed I was a superhero, and had special powers. I could loco-levitate, rising up off the ground to about twenty feet, and propelling myself forward to over one hundred miles per hour almost instantaneously. I could only levitate for a short period, and propel myself for three or four miles.

But that was a side dish. My primary power was the ability to make things cease to be there, like buildings. I always ensured I employed my power cautiously, unwilling to hurt innocents and bystanders. I’d usually just create a hole in the side of a building. I could then put it back into place.

In the dream, though, I was being chased, and was out of my red outfit. It was late evening, in a large metropolitan area. I don’t know who chased me, but they were persistent and organized. I developed increasingly desperate and clever ways to employ my powers.

I was spotted by others, of course. One teen-age girl was thrilled to encounter me unmasked, and pointed it out to others. They became my boosters, cheering me on. My supporting nation grew as the chase continued. The cheering fans then involved themselves to slow down my pursuit, allowing me to escape past the city’s lights, and into the night.

Great fun.


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