Time’s Forms

It’s like the atmosphere, the oceans, or the universe, or the human body. We see it, and think of it as one big thing, but eventually, we learn of its multiple structures and complexities. Details emerge, and it turns out to be more complicated than originally guessed.

In this case, I’m thinking about time. I woke up saturated with dreams and thoughts. That fodder contains powerful stimulants. I was pushed, or pulled, into a favorite subject. I think we look at time wrong. I conceive of multiple kinds of time beyond the basic arrows of time. Someday, someone will drill into time and discover these different levels. Besides organic time, which drive the life cycles of life, and other time types, like natural science, cosmological, and quantum time, we’ll discover small and large types of time, and a type of time which interacts with other types of time, accelerating and slowing it, causing new bonds, and breaking other bonds. Like the seas, atmosphere, and cosmology, we’ll discover unique structures of time within other oceans and streams of time. We’ll find that what’s embedded in these flows of time influence the flows’ dynamics and interactions. We’ll find that time isn’t pure. Cosmological time will be found to be like the salinity of the oceans, and the salinity of the time stream compounds the physical manifestation of time for the other types of time and their streams.

Someday, humanity will look back at how we think of time now, and have a good laugh at how simple and naive we were.


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