A few months ago, I began wearing mismatched socks. Color, material, pattern…didn’t matter. The only qualifier to my mismatched socks routine is that I didn’t wear dress socks with activity shoes and shorts. That combination reminds me of old photographs of elderly men. *shudder* I’m not ready to join that tribe.

Wearing mismatched socks is liberating. There’s no worrying about matching and rolling or folding socks, whatever your preference, and no concerns about a ‘missing’ sock after doing the laundry. I just scoop up all the socks and dump them in a the sock drawer. So — it’s a time and energy saver, too!


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  1. I have been wearing mismatched socks for several years now. One wears out and I can’t stand to throw the other away. It is freeing. Of course, I am not so throw them in the drawer and choose two socks at random as you, Michael. ~nan

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