The Sale Dream

Another laughter-inducing dream last night.

I dreamed there was a Macy’s sale. Terrific sale. Found a sweater originally priced at $696, marked down to $70. What a bargain!

Some little old lady arrived. She asked me what was going on. I told her about the sale, and showed her the sweater. Then she and I walked around, looking for bargains for her and talking with the sales help and other shoppers.

They announced the store was closing and directed us to go sleep in beds they’d set up. The beds had to be shared, but they put pillows between people. After I was in bed, I remembered the sale, and stared writing a blog post in my head in my dream, in my sleep. But I couldn’t remember all of the dream’s details, so I got up and started the dream over. I knew the dream was repeating, but everyone else knew they’d already done the dream, so confusion ensued. The little old woman wanted to know why I was dreaming it again. I told her that I needed to remember the details because I wanted to blog about the experience. That bothered her; she wanted to leave. I wouldn’t let her go, because the dream wasn’t done. That interrupted the dream, so I made everyone start the dream over again. They weren’t very enthusiastic with this third dream performance. Many rushed their lines and movement, and some forgot what they were supposed to do. I laughed at that. Since that wasn’t part of the original dream, it annoyed my dream extras.

I awoke thinking, I need to dream that again….


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