Shoefloof (catfinition): A shoefloof is not like a shoehorn. Oh, no. A shoefloof is a cat who enjoys footwear. These are cats who like to sleep on them, felines who walk over to sniff shoes when they’re taken off. Oftentimes, the shoefloof will drool with pleasure over the wondrous smells of a just worn shoe, and sometimes wrestle with the shoes.  

Shoefloofs also like helping people put shoes on, often coming over to assist with managing the laces.


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  1. As a kitten, Ashley liked to hide her mousies in boots. (A kitten who can hunt a catnip mousie hidden all the way down in the toe of a combat boot is a mighty hunter, right?) And her mom is fascinated with the way humans put socks and shoes/boots on their feet. (I suspect it’s part of her ‘humans need help making appropriate clothing choices’ obsession.)

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    1. Love it. Part of the many ways cats endear themselves, by doing the unexpected. My cats like to manage my bowel movements. Guess they’re concerned about my health. Aren’t they sweet? (Either they’re sweet, or diabolically studying me to help take over the world. Maybe they’re both, sweet and diabolical.)

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