Catweek (catfinition): a period of nine days, as recognized and practiced by felines and their catlender.

  • Mewsday
  • Furday
  • Pawsday
  • Purrsday
  • Meowday
  • Clawsday
  • Floofday
  • Whiskerday
  • Tailday

By tradition, felines’ activities are prescribed and dictated by these days, which are set by the phases of the moon, as cats see it. Tailday is the end of the week, Mewsday begins a new week, and Meowday is the middle. By some catventions, felines groom more and shed greater quantity of fur on Floofday, while they’re expected to use their claws more frequently on Clawsday. Furday produces the most hairballs. Pawsday is a day of rest.

Whiskerday is the newest day, replacing Fangday in the more traditional Feral Catlender.


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