My Purple Hair

I love my purple hair. Most would call it eggplant. It’s purple in my mind.

Most people can’t see it, though. It doesn’t exist, except in my mind. I’ve never dyed my hair purple, nor any other color. Although I want to, to demonstrate my rebel nature, having purple hair isn’t me. I don’t like attention; purple hair would draw attention.

I cope with a trifurcated opinion about unusually dyed hair, tattoos, and piercings. One, I don’t like them. Two, I admire them. Three, I don’t understand them.

People getting and doing these things must not mind the attention, but I question how much they’re rebelling. With piercings and tattoos becoming more prevalent, it seems less like they’re rebelling, instead conforming in a new way. Maybe they’re not rebelling; that’s part of what I don’t understand.

The same happened with me and my parents. I wore bell-bottoms. My hair was long. Mom and Dad didn’t like either of these things, because it was different. Was I rebelling? No; I was emulating the Who, the Beatles, and other rock and rollers. As I told my parents to their disgusted observations and comments, “But everyone wears them.” I guess that if someone I admired back then dyed their hair purple, I’d have done it, too.

No one did, and I retained my natural hair-color. Some rebel.



3 thoughts on “My Purple Hair

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    1. WTF?!? I don’t have any ink, and I express myself all the time. Too much, in fact. But there is nothing I feel so passionately about, that I think will be so important, that I want to ink it onto my body. Only to see it sag…

      In my part of the world, you do see some tattoos, but unless you’re part of the biker club, they are tattoos you wouldn’t see even in shorts and tank top.

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  1. Thank you for expressing much of what goes my mind all the time when I see the ink and the colored hair. To express their uniqueness, they follow the herd. I must say that I have gotten used to seeing all the ink and all the colored hair. I have to admit that I bought blue hair inserts and had them in my hair for my last day of work before retiring (my one attempt of being a rebel in my professional life, figuring what would my company do: fire me?). No one really seemed to notice them, and only one person actually said anything. It was one of the last patient-customers of the day.

    I agree with Elizabeth D. There is nothing I want inked upon my skin permanently. Unless they have changed their minds and won’t admit it to me, neither of my sons have tattoos. Their wives do, but not them. They may be the most unique of their generation because they don’t. ~nan

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