I was making a smoothie this morning. Spinach, banana, pear, blackberries, blueberries…well, you know what a smoothie is.

The blueberries were from the ones we’d picked and froze earlier this year. Opening the container lets out a burst of early summer scents.

I tipped the berries into a measuring cup. One berry remained in the original container. I tried shaking it out. Shouting, “Resist,” it hung on. I shook harder.

That didn’t help.

Resigned to using my fingers, I plucked it out. “For your reward, I’ll eat you alone.” He said nothing back. I popped him in my mouth.

He was a little bitter.


Today’s Theme Music

Today’s music comes because my wife and I mis-heard song lyrics. This is sometimes called an ononym, but is often called a mondegreen.

Jon Carroll used to write about mondegreens in his SF Chronicle column.  (Maybe he still does. My subscription ended.) Along with his commentary about his cats, Archie and Bucket, I enjoyed these mondegreen columns. Although I didn’t know what a mondegreen was, I first encountered one with Jimi Hendrix. He was singing, “Excuse me, while I kiss the sky.” I heard him telling me he was going to kiss a guy. Like most mondegreens, I wasn’t alone in my mis-hearing.

That’s the same today. There’s a Calvin Harris song out called “Feels.” The song features Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, and Big Sean. It was the Katy Perry part that confused us. We were certain Katy was singing, “Don’t be afraid to catch fish.”

Being semi-rational sentient individuals, my other and I wondered, what the hell? Why is she singing about fish? Is this a reference to there being many fish in the sea? Perhaps fish was another euphemism for dating or sex.

What? Really?

Reaching home, I employed a minute to search for the truth. First, I wasn’t alone; lots of us thought Katy Perry was singing about fish. Most of us are older.

Second, Katy Perry was singing, “Don’t be afraid to catch feels.”

Well, honestly, ‘catch feels’ made little more sense than catching fish, but at least we knew the truth. Listen for yourself, then tell me that it doesn’t sound like fish.


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