Today’s Theme Music

I’ve frequently reminisced in posts about songs I know and love from past eras. Each song tags itself to events going on then.

Today’s song is from the here and now. We’ve just ended a month of smoke from wildfires in Ashland. You either stayed inside, out of the smoke, or wore masks. The fires still burn and light smoke remains present, but rains scrubbed the worst smoke out of our air. I can only address our area, but I hope other areas have been pardoned from serving life with air hazardous to their health.

Life goes on. Refugees and survivors hunt safety, DACA is being strangled, the ACA is being stalked, towns and mountains burn in the American west, hurricanes pummel the east, and talk of nukes and military action ride the airwaves. This song, “Despacito,” by Luis Fonti, and featuring Daddy Yankee, provides a refreshing break from our twenty-first century Sturm and Drang.


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