The Nagging Fitbit

I’ve been going under during the last few days, consumed by smoke and heat. Hard hit with a sinus infection that induced impressions that my head and eyeballs were due to burst open with an alien presence, I had no energy and needed rest. Sleep, though, contemptuously dismissed my efforts.

My Fitbit, however, didn’t care.

The Fitbit doesn’t have an atom of empathy. Noticing that I was walking less on Friday, it said, “Come on, let’s step,” in its usual friendly manner that morning. By the late afternoon, its tone shifted to, “Are you going to move, you lazy slob?” On Saturday, it was asking, “Why do I bother to count? You’re not doing anything. Come on, get up.”

Instead of pestering me once every hour, it took to dinging me about every ten minutes. “Are you going to do anything today?” it asked with a sulking cadence.

“I told you, I’m not feeling well,” I answered it.

“So you’re not going to do anything.”

I popped Advil, and then gargled with warm salt water before answering. “I’m going to try to do something, just not right now. I’m having some tea first.”

“Malingerer,” it muttered back. “I want to go out.”

I put it on the cat. “There you go.”

“Hey,” the Fitbit said. The cat shook it off its paw with an angry, offended look. Neither of them were happy with me.

At three thirty that afternoon, I left the house to walk to a friend’s place to assist them with a computer problem. The weather was remarkably cool, and the smoke had dispersed enough to clearly see the Grizzly Peak across the valley. We experienced a temp spike while I was there. Coming home, it was much hotter, and I was much sweatier.

“Oh, you’ve at four miles,” my Fitbit said. “Why, you’re an Olympic athlete.”

There were no fireworks from the Fitbit that night. It settled into a sullen silence. Finally getting a few hours of sleep, I renewed my determination to reach my goals today. I noticed that the Fitbit hadn’t said anything.

“What’s the matter?” I asked it.

“I’m feeling a little under the weather,” it replied. “Do you mind if we just stay in today?”


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