I was a Watcher. It suited my personality. I like to watch…sex, cooking shows, dancing, sitcoms, dramas, sports (including golf, bowling, and NASCAR racing), I like watching. It started when I was young, and I watched cartoons.

It was natural that I’d become a Watcher. From there I became a Watcher who watches the Watchers to ensure someone was always watching. Otherwise, if no one was watching, someone could take advantage of what they saw and learned when they watched.

Eventually, moving up the hierarchy of watching, I became a Sentinel. That’s what they call us, Those Who Watch the Watchers Watching the Watchers.

As a Watcher, I watched five people. When I was a Watcher watching Watchers, I watched five Watchers. Now, as a Sentinel, I watch ten Watchers watching Watchers watching people.

I wonder how many people are watching me.


n/t to Little Fears


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