Today’s Theme Song

I was going to do some Rush today, but my head streamed some other stuff. Geddy Lee did make it as part of the new sound in my head.

It’s from the early 1980s, which was, like, an interesting time, hey? Like, we didn’t have cell phones, and couldn’t take selfies, like people today can do. Being primitive people, we lacked Facebook and other social media, depending on staying connected by calling on land-lines, writing letters, or visiting. CNN had just gotten started, and Fox News was still sixteen years away. I didn’t even have an email account, then. That didn’t matter, as nobody I knew had an account.

Email seemed so futuristic and exciting when I signed up for my first account, with AOL. I remember receiving my first email. It was for a product called Viagra. I thought it was important, because it was addressed to me by name, and said, “URGENT!” in the subject line. None of the links worked, though, because Viagra didn’t exist, yet. That’s how advanced those times where, though.

Here is Bob & Doug McKenzie, of the McKenzie Brothers (Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas) of SCTV, with Geddy, presenting their fantastic dance hit, “Take Off.”


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