Cateract (definition): a feline’s amusing or entertaining behavior, which can also be irritating and exasperating.

In use: “I had a fake fishing worm. About ten inches long, it was very flexible and wiggled when you moved it. It’d tied it to some fishing line and would throw it out across the living room floor, and then drag it back, causing it to wiggle. Jade, of course, loved that, chasing, batting and capturing the worm, often carrying it away as a trophy. However, Jade clearly detested touching the worm.

“It was kept in a bowl, on a shelf, on a bookcase. Somehow, Jade knew it was there. Her cateract was to jump onto the shelf and paw the worm out of the bowl onto the floor. After jumping down, she’d picked it up in her mouth and carry it over to me, and drop it by my feet. Then she would tap it and sit back to wait for me to play.

“Of course, her behavior delighted us. We couldn’t say what it was about her expression that stated, “This is disgusting.” But something was there.”


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