Catalogical (definition): the order in which activities must be planned and completed to appease a household’s feline masters.

In use: “Michael didn’t want to arise early, but once he rose, the first order of business was to feed to cat. Even body functions had to wait until the cats were fed, unless he was willing to endure some nips to his ankles and fury bodies attempting to get on his lap.”


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  1. My felines masters (“masters” used in a gender-neutral sense — only one of the kitties is male) are accustomed to humans (or reasonable approximation of same) who don’t keep a fixed schedule, which means the cats don’t expect to keep a fixed schedule, either. It does help that they’ve always had kibble in their bowls to eat whenever they’re hungry, so they don’t have to wake the servants to fetch food for them. Doodlecat, though, complains loudly if humans stay up too late, because he wants them to turn off the lights and let a cat sleep.

    (We have a feline houseguest right now, a tomcat named Stoney. He owns our Y-parent. Stoney is staying with us for a few weeks while our Y-parent is travelling. Unlike our cats, Stoney expects to be fed according to a fixed schedule…)

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