Catdience has two meanings. One, it can mean a gathering of cats to watch something take place. Secondly, catdience can refer to people watching cats.

For example, “Bumble leaped up and seized the door handle with her large front paws. In seconds, a catdience of workers formed. Breath held and eyes fixed on the cat, they watched as she moved her front paws until the door opened. As it did and she jumped down, sauntering out, the catdience members laughed. “That’s a smart cat,” a few said.”

But in the other way, the cats are gathering as spectators. “Hearing me get the luggage out, Meep, Tucker and Quinn came down. Sitting down, they watched me put the piece on the bed, continuing to study the situation as I unzipped the suitcase and opened it. More immediate scrutiny was deemed needed. The catdience jumped up to smell the scene and make it their own.”


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  1. I often have a catdience in the morning when I’m getting dressed. Especially when I’m putting on my socks and boots — Tabitha is fascinated by socks.

    in the ‘humans watching cats’ sense of the word, Una gets a catdience whenever she tribbles on the floor. (She curls up in a little ball and then flips around, making cute little burble-trill-purr sounds. Because she’s fluffy, she looks like a Star Trek tribble when she does that.)

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    1. Thanks for relating those tales. Cats, and animals in general (and people) fascinate me with their reactions, especially that behavior that prompts me to wonder, “What are they thinking? Where did they learn this?” Cheers

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