Meowgery takes place when a person hears a meow and stops what they’re doing to address the cat to determine why it’s meowing. A conversation typically ensues.

“What are you meowing for, Flash?”


“Are you hungry?”


“Do you want to go outside?”


Or so my meowgeries usually go. Some cats are much smarter and have a larger vocabulary. Jade, for example. Ask Jade if she was hungry, her meow changed to an affirming, stronger meow, and she would lead you off to the feeding area. She, being a cat, intelligent and superior, knew that you, a mere human, wasn’t capable of remembering where her food was kept.

Others, like Rocky, would sit down to ponder the questions being put to him. Of course, Rocky wasn’t much of a talker. He communicated with his whiskers and his eyes.

Which really doesn’t have anything to do with meowgery.

After meowgery, humans are often at a loss about what they were doing before a meow interrupted them. It’s a testament to the power of a meow.


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  1. Love this Michael. Flash actually has quite a vocabulary. She has been known to say, Now, Out, and Mom (among other identifiable sounds). She also can let out a string (rowr..rowr, etc.) when she feels wronged or neglected…kinda like one long curse chastising me generally. Sometimes Rob, but mostly I am the one she addresses in her own style. The worst is when she decides it is either time to get up (before the alarm disturbing sleep) or when she knows it is time for us to go to bed ourselves though Heaven forbid anyone disturb her sleep. That is another meowgery.
    I think you have a book in this study of cats…something to think about. ~nan

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