A cat establishes its pawsession by putting its paw over something, in effect, non-verbally stating, “This is mine.” For example, while sitting at the keyboard, your cat jumps up and puts its paw over the keyboard. “This is mine.”

However, felines, being inscrutable (although we think we might know, suspect or believe what they’re saying) may actually be establishing a pawstraction. The cat is stopping you for engaging in other behavior because it’s distracting you from paying more attention to them. In the instance of the keyboard, they may actually be saying, “Stop doing this and pay attention to me.”

Closely related to these behaviors, clawsession or clawsessive behavior is demonstrated when the cat engages a claw as part of its pawsessive or pawstracting activity. In example, a cat, wishing you to awaken, may tap your nose or other body part with its paw. The cat may be saying either, “You are mine,” “I want you to wake up,” or “Stop snoring, you’re keeping me awake.” They may also be saying, “I like playing with your body,” or, “I’m playing with your mind.” If a claw is deployed as part of this, say to tenderly hook a nostril or an ear lobe to drag you awake, this is clawsessive behavior.

Of course, they are cats, so your cat’s actions may mean something completely different.

I think that’s part of their clawdestine behavior.


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