Tucker’s Floor Work

The big black and white rescue will begin with a mellow leg rub and segue into gentle back strokes. Gentle purring is arising. Now some soft scratching on his forehead and the back of his neck, followed by his left ear, and now his right ear. Notice the head tilt is exactly the angle needed to provide access and issue approval.

Nicely done. Now he’s sitting and progressing to chest and neck scratching. His purr has gone deeper and more uptempo. His eyes are closed…judges always look for that as a signal of trust and contentment. Look at that marvelous neck extension! Oh, well done. You know that he’s done this before. He’s one of the best.

Now he’s executing a floor flop, followed by a floor roll and full leg stretches. Look how adeptly he extends his legs, paws and claws and then moves into an inverted back arch. His fluffy tail is straight as an arrow. He is really in the zone today.

And now, it looks like…yes, he’s exposing his furry white belly for some belly loving. And he’s putting his paws up. Look at his display of beautiful shiny white fur and the trust and tranquility in his green eyes. Oh, my, and he’s kneading the air with his front paws in a slow, cyclical motion.

Now he’s signaling that he’s done, rising to stretch and wash. Bravo! What a star. Let’s turn to the judges and see how many treats they rate this Sunday morning performance.



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