Monday’s Theme Music

When the spinning stopped, we knew we were at a new place. Reality heartbeated in. A short man approached and announced, “I am spring. Welcome to my home. Please, relax, enjoy.”

Sunshine, check. Blue skies, kind of. Flowers – yes, and buds and blossoms, and green coverings on the ground. Warm air? Getting there.

Popping over the horizon with a low snap, the sun said, “I am here, I am here,” at six something-ish. Temperature now is 55 F but the weather clerks are promising low to mid 70s before the sun takes a bows and leaves at seven something-ish PM. Not sure if they really know what’s going on.

It is Monday. The energy drive is stumbling a little this AM. I plied it with some caffeinated black water, an old trick which I picked up from an old man in a far away time. The hoped-for impact was felt after a few minutes. The energy drive soon kicked The Neurons’ asses and they knocked into gear.

The Neurons planted some music bulbs earlier. When they bloomed, I found “I’m Waiting for the Man” by The Velvet Underground coming up in the morning mental music stream. Looking for it online brought up a video of Lou Reed and David Bowie playing it together onstage, wholly apropos as Bowie covered it, too. I like it so I hope you do as well.

Here’s the music. Be pos. Have coffee. Or tea. Beer. Wine. Whatever fits your hour, mood, need. Have a strong Monday. Cheers

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