Monday’s Wandering Thought

He eavesdropped on two young women. They were seated about five feet from him. He guessed they were twenty years old and probably SOU students.

One woman asked the other, “Are you asexual?”

“Yes,” the other answered. “And bisexual.”

“You can be both?”

“Oh, yeah, you can be both.”

Can you, he wondered to himself. He thought that asexual meant that they either lacked sexual organs, or weren’t interested in sex and didn’t engage in sex.

Continuing his activities, he thought, it’s just another way in which words and their meanings are changing. He still couldn’t reconcile being asexual and bisexual, though.

One thought on “Monday’s Wandering Thought

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  1. Asexual and biromantic, maybe (may seek romantic relationships with individuals of either sex, but doesn’t want a sexual relationship with anyone), but you’re right: it doesn’t seem possible to be both entirely without sexual attraction AND sexually attracted to both men and women. (I’m asexual and aromantic, though, so according to “internet wisdom,” I have no right to have an opinion on this matter.)

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