Aloysius’s Discovery: 99-Word Flash Fiction

Ah, floofgic.

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This week over at Carrot Ranch ( the prompt was to write a story in 99 words (no more, no less) that included a feather.

This pedometer geek writer decided to continue the story of Aloysius, who was also called Rainbow. It was at the urging of one of my Red Room writer friends. It is as follows:

Aloysius’s Discovery

Aloysius, AKA Rainbow, serendipitously discovered that his multi-colored fur had magical powers. Blue seemed connected with sky. This began the day he found a blue jay’s feather on the ground. When he touched it with his front paw, he felt himself lifting from the ground. All four feet fanned out, and with his tail as a rudder, he flew.

Okay, Aloysius was a bit clumsy with flying at first, but with his trusty feather stuck behind his left ear, he soon soared over treetops and roofs. No one seemed to…

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