The Sci-Fi Dream

Yeah, another dream post. I’ve been avoiding them, but…well, here I am.

We were in a dark, dark future. It seemed like most of the light was sucked out of the world, but that may have been because we were confined to a small, claustrophobic keep. Blue dominated. It seemed like everything that was lit was indigo blue – clothes, walls, and machinery. There weren’t many of us, we didn’t have much food, and we were dying.

We were trying to solve multiple huge problems to stay alive. To do that, we’d learned how to look into the past. To solve the future problems, we discovered that, while seeing into the past, we could move people into the future, where we were. That was helpful. We then tried moving objects, like food, medicine, equipment, and machinery into the future. They couldn’t be moved. Whenever we tried moving anything but people into the future, it turned to blue and black dust.

We were puzzled; why could we move people, but not food and other things? Why just people? The question was never answered.


In an aside, I then dreamed that I was making my bed. When I untangled the sheets and covers and began straightening them, I heard jingling. I pulled back the corner of the sheets and found a pile of silver coins.


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    1. We did. The dream was tremendously fast-pace. First, we tried going back ourselves. When that failed, we thought we could find processed food and bring it to us in the future. That was a no-go, so we tried importing plants. That failed, so we tried animals, and then other items, as an experiment, to determine our limitations. It was like we could bring bring someone forward to fix things or join us, but no food, animals, machines, etc.

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      1. That’s an interesting question. I didn’t think about the past that we went to, but it was this era. We only tried people from now, not other periods and never thought about whether they might be alive in the future. Maybe we could only bring people forward who were dead in our future, like they were filling in a vacuum. But there weren’t any animals, or plants, and we couldn’t bring them forward.

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