Fitbit Incongruencies

My miles remained up, at forty-five for last week, but my total floors were down by thirty, to eighty-seven, and my steps were down by over ten thousand, to ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred, ninety-two.  No change to my resting heart-rate, at fifty-six.

Putting together how the steps could be down by ten thousand while my miles are down by less than two, I realize it’s because I did more arm exercises. I had chosen to focus on those. I’m also focusing on exercises to improve my hamstrings, abductors, and adductor muscles. By my observation, they don’t count much toward my goals because of the way the Fitbit registers exercise movement. I’m going to research that to see how I can change it.


One thought on “Fitbit Incongruencies

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  1. I’ve got a Fitter too. Gives me fits! But I just do my best.
    Some days only 5,000, but most 10,000 and others 15,000 per day.
    I just can’t worry about the other stuff… when I’m not at home.

    Keep up the health works!


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